This is usually the first question anyone asks when I mention where I work. What do we do? What do we stand for? The answer is quite long winded but to shorten it down, we help businesses come from nothing to everything they could be. You have an idea? We have the tools and skills to make you a brand, a logo, a name, a website, an advert, e-commerce, posters, whatever you need, we will help you with. But it’s not just building your business that we do! 

You might already have a business or organisation set up! But maybe you need a promotional video? Or you want to start a podcast? Perhaps you want a rebrand after the last one wasn’t just what you wanted? Or you maybe even need a hand in online marketing. We’ve got you covered!

But it’s not just a bunch of people sitting around on laptops and building websites, although we do that a lot, we actually have pretty random and different days. No two days are the same here!

One of us might be hopping around all the high schools to film interviews for the council, while another jumps around the primary schools making expert 360 tours. During this time we have client meetings in our lab, with food and drinks galore, music playing and our office dog, Stig, who will from time to time give you a snuggle as you work. We have our design queen, our social media guru, our website builder whiz and a thirst for getting better and better. 

Some of us are early risers and some of us are night owls, so you will find people here from 8am to 10pm working away without even bothering to check the time. It’s pretty flexible here, we know that creativity doesn’t come to everyone at 9-5 during the day, we like to keep it inclusive!

Five of us joined the team late March and we hit the ground running! We didn’t really know that jobs like this existed, but boy are we glad we found this! Getting to do what we love as a job? How could it get any better than this? Our clients always love coming in because of beer fridge Friday’s and the friendly chat. Don’t get me wrong, we have fun, but even if we had our heads in our work we’d be having fun. When you love what you do it isn’t really work, it’s worthwhile. 

So here’s an introduction to the new era of Co.lab! We have a wonderful team of eleven people and a dog, a friendly and open area with chilled out vibes, fun conversation and really the best place to work.

Throughout the weeks of upcoming blogs, we are going to look at a day in the life of each of our colleagues with some top tips from them on their specialty to help you with your businesses and things that we could do to help you. Check in with us once a week and see what helpful hints we can give you! 

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