Chromebook Roadshow Scotland

Chromebook Roadshow Scotland


Delivering a sales pitch without delivering a sales pitch. A programme commissioned by Google for Education where we must visit schools in target areas and show them why Chromebooks are the top choice for education.


We created a national marketing campaign called The Chromebook Roadshow Scotland.

We designed a logo and identity using Google for Education's brand kit that would be memorable enough to remember the project long after it's over.

In addition, we developed a website, created a marketing strategy in line with the client's KPIs, created and managed three social media platforms and worked closely with TA Education to ensure the marketing and promo strategy changes in line with the results of the campaign.

We also developed an interactive digital escape room challenge that beautifully shows off all the features a Chromebook has to offer. Not a mention of sales - a true product first approach. TA Scotland is our biggest client, and Google for Education is one of theirs, so this project required meticulous planning and preparation to get right. We’re now in the delivery phase of this 18-month project, and we’re enjoying seeing the results of months of planning come to fruition. 


Our client saw great results from this campaign which has been extended into the new academic year.