How to run a successful flash sale

November 28, 2022

How to run a successful flash sale

You often hear the word ‘flash sale’ at this time of year, but what does it mean? Flash sales can be defined by the following:

  • Your discounts and promotions are better than usual
  • Your sale has a short time span
  • You have limited products in the sale and reduced availability

You might choose to run a flash sale to:

  • Sell excess or short-dated stock
  • Drive retention with your existing customers
  • Create a ‘buzz’ around your brand
  • Grow your mailing list
  • Reach new customers 

Sell excess or short-dated stock

Did you manufacture too much of a particular product going out of season or out of date? Running a flash sale can be a great way to reduce stock levels. 

Drive retention with your existing customers

If customers have bought from you in the past, they’ll be easier to convert than new leads. Target previous customers who’ve signed up to your mailing list with a flash sale to remind them about your brand.

Create a buzz around your brand

With the right marketing, you can create a buzz around your flash sale so people won’t want to miss out. Promote the sale to your mailing list and run targeted social media ads to your ideal customers.

Grow your mailing list

Email marketing continues to be one of the most successful and popular digital marketing methods. Email marketing is often successful because a brand’s mailing list is usually filled with previous customers. You could run a social media campaign encouraging people to sign up to your mailing list to gain access to your flash sale. 

Reach new customers

Are you trying to break into a new market segment? Run a flash sale on products that can target new consumers you want to attract. You can use social media advertising to target these consumers with ads. They’ll be more inclined to try your product for the first time if they get a discount. 

Use digital marketing to promote your flash sale.

A flash sale is nothing if you don’t tell people about it! Two of the most successful ways to inform people about your sale are email marketing and social media ads.

Target your mailing list with a campaign

If you have an engaged mailing list, this is golden! If you don’t, growing your mailing list through other marketing efforts should be one of your objectives. An engaged mailing list is a great way to target people with your campaigns who you know will be interested and will actually see your offer. To grow your mailing list, you could run a competition on your social media that collects email addresses. 

If your mailing list is small, non-existent or unengaged, make it a priority in 2023 to grow it!

Social media paid ads.

Social media paid ads are an excellent way to get quick results and target a niche audience. Our blog post here explains how to run ads and which type of ads are right for your business. 

Unlike Google ads, social media ads work quickly, and you can run them for as little as a few days. We’d recommend using Google ads to drive traffic to your website in the longer term, but social media ads are the best option for a flash sale.

Will you be running a flash sale this January? Let us know on socials: we’d love to check it out! 



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