Breaking down HubSpot’s 2023 digital marketing trends report: Our insight and tips on how you should use these trends to grow your business

We’ve taken Hubspot’s 2023 Digital Marketing trend predictions and broken them down into actionable insights so you don’t have to! Read this blog post to find out what you need to change or do more of in your 2023 marketing strategy.

Trend 1 – Use deep data to target your campaigns and understand your audience 

You need to have a deeper insight into your customer: know their interests and hobbies; know where they shop; find out how they shop; discover communities they’re a part of and issues they care about. 

Our tip: Develop in-depth buyer personas considering the factors above so you can embody your ideal client. Once you’ve done this, use the information to run targeted paid campaigns and create content that will resonate with them.

Trend 2 – Short form videos are on the rise for another year

It’s no surprise that all social media platforms are taking advantage of our need to scroll constantly! Short-form videos that grab the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds have become one of the most successful forms of content marketing. 

Our tip: Keep up with trending short-form videos on all major social media platforms (like TikTok and insta reels) and join in with any relevant to your business.

Trend 3 – Influencer recommendations have the most influence over Gen Z 

If your target market includes under-25-year-olds – we’re sorry to tell you that you’re marketing towards Gen Z. Traditional social media methods don’t work with Gen Z: they want authenticity; they hold brands to high standards; they’re loyal to brand values. They trust influencers – particularly micro-influencers. 

Our tip: Use user-generated content on your feed. Influencer marketing might seem out of reach if you’re a small business owner reading this blog. You can mimic this effect by demonstrating how people trust your product or service by sharing any content they generate about it on your own feed.

Trend 4 – Consumers expect customer service in your DMs – especially Gen Z

Since people are influenced to buy a lot of their purchases through social media, it’s no surprise that they expect to be able to turn to social media direct messaging when they have an issue to raise with a brand. 

Our tip: Set up an automatic reply and let people know how you monitor your DMs. Let them know how long they might be waiting for a reply, or direct them towards another method of contacting you where they’ll receive a quicker response.

Trend 5 – Consumers buy into people and stories

Consumers are increasingly buying into brands with a story or values that resonate with them. A strong logo, a perfectly curated insta feed, and an extensive service menu aren’t enough if you’re not telling your story.

Our tip: Show the personal side of your brand. This could be behind-the-scenes content, sharing your brand’s values and telling your story.

Key takeaways to prepare for digital marketing in 2023

Translating industry-wide trends into your small business marketing strategy is important if you want to attract and retain customers. Our key takeaways from HubSpot’s trend predictions are as follows.

  • You need to know everything about your ideal client to create content that will resonate with them.
  • You should spend time getting good at making short videos since most social media platforms prioritise these when showing your content to people who aren’t already following you – this is your chance to get them to press the follow button!
  • Encourage your clients to talk about your brand on social media and share it on your own page when they do
  • Be more personal and humanise your brand by telling your story and showing off what you do behind the scenes.




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