A Co. Lab website redesign

September 18, 2022

A Co. Lab website redesign

After the busiest year of our life, we thought it was perfect timing to start another project – but despite the lack of time and available resources, we couldn’t put off our rebrand any longer.

To many, Co. Lab will seem relatively new business (we’ve only been open since 2019). So why did we decide to rebrand?

We’ll be honest: our old website wasn’t really doing it for us anymore. It wasn’t reflective of who we are as a company, and it definitely didn’t make us want to stay up all night working on it.

So we decided it was time for a change. We gave our website a complete makeover, and we’re super excited about the results.

Our new website is bold, modern, and most importantly, it really reflects our brand and who we are as people.

We’re all about making things continually better and more effective here at Co. Lab, and we want our brand to reflect that.

We’re confident that our new website and branding will help us better connect with our target audience and achieve our goal of being recognised as the only digital agency partner to work with.

We’re very happy with our brand’s new direction, and we hope you are too!



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