Website development layout sketch drawing

Five things you need for a kick-ass website

1. Appearance

Does your website look professional and polished, or like it was designed in the early 2000s? Is the layout easy to navigate, or are users getting lost on your site? Do you have stunning visuals and videos promoting your product or service?

2. Functionality or user experience

Can users do what they want to do on your website? (e.g., finding your contact information, making a purchase, etc.)

3. Content and relevant copy

Is your website content up-to-date and relevant to your target audience? Do you have enough content on your site? Make sure you communicate clearly what you do, and use the correct key to ensure you can be found on Google.

4. SEO

Are you doing everything you can to optimise your website for search engines? This goes hand in hand with content, but if done properly and reviewed consistently over time, you’ll see the results

5. Marketing & Maintenance

Have you created a plan for how you’ll market your website once it’s launched? And what about long-term maintenance and updates? Let us know if you need help making a new or existing website better for your customers and your business.

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