In the last post we gave you a little introduction about our organisation, and let you a little into our worlds. This week, like many others, is a busy busy week. Not only did we land a big account, but we are all working away on our own big clients. 

Today, for example, I have a long list of exciting things to work on. As a degree holder in digital media, I get to go out and film people for various things from reviews, interviews, promotional videos etc. Today I am editing testimonials I shot for a very wonderful client, Ryan Andrews from RCA Plumbing and Heating (visit for efficient and top-class boiler repairs and installations). I love being able to go out and meet new people, which we quite often get to do in this job, and Ryan is certainly one of the nicest people you can meet!

I also get to work with a wonderful charity in Stirling called Connect 2 Progress, which works with getting people back into the working world, which is a big project in itself. It includes so many talents to be able to pull off just right, but it’s all worth it in the end.

You never really know what you’ll be doing in a job like this, will you be recording and editing podcasts? Filming and editing for the council? Writing blogs about the websites you make for the clients you love? It’s always fun.

As covid is around and we want to keep our colleagues safe, some work from home and some come into work, whatever suits you. We have everyone working on some very exciting projects to change the community for the better, such as a new brand and platform for helping learners and teachers gain skills in interactive and new ways! We have a team of skilled technology experts and teaching professionals working away on that as we speak, and it might be as soon as the end of next week before we can debut our amazing work!

Here’s an idea for your business! If you are a small business and would benefit from having testimonial videos from your valued customers on your website, why not give us a call? Not only would it look good and professional on your website, but it would give other potential customers and clients a good idea of who you are and how good you are at what you do!

Don’t have a website? No problem! We can fix that too. Websites are the essential tool to getting your name out there, and people can find you with a single google search. With websites you can add everything from who you are, your services, your prices, your photos, videos, even link it up to your social media. We, at Co.lab, would love to get your business off the ground and into the world wide web to help you thrive. 


Come back next week to get an insight to our fearless leader, Pam Currie, who started this amazing company less than two years ago!

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